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Artists' Websites: Book Arts

Altered Book Images (Added 07/16/2005)
This site, and the archive sections, has interesting photos of the collage work done by several artists in exchanged altered books. Neat!

BookGirl (Added 05/17/2007)
BookGirl has photos of the Secret Belgian Binding, which I've always wanted to learn...

Brian Dettmer (Added 09/23/2007)
Altered book artist who dissects books to reveal the inner imagery.

Charles Hobson (Added 01/11/2006)

Corinne Stubson (Added 10/20/2005)

Creative Zone, Michael Jacobs (Added 01/08/2006)
Wow! I love this guy's work! The site has the work of both Michael and Judy Jacobs. Michael Jacobs has a lot of 3D movable structures in his books.

Daniel Essig (Added 02/28/2006)
One of the contributing artist/instructors in my favorite book, "The Penland Book of Handmade Books." (His Bridge book is shown on the cover.) Daniel Essig creates wooden-covered art books and book-based sculptures. Using a fourth-century binding style known as Ethiopian style Coptic, he creates mixed-media book structures that incorporate unusual woods, handmade paper, found objects, fossils, and mica.

Designer Bookbinders (Added 05/16/2007)
Designer Bookbinders is one of the foremost societies devoted to the craft of fine bookbinding. Founded over fifty years ago it has, by means of exhibitions and publications, helped to establish the reputation of British bookbinding worldwide. Its membership includes some of the most highly regarded makers in the fields of fine bookbinding, book arts and artistsí books, each with a passion for presenting the bound text as a unique art object.

Flying Fish Press (Added 10/09/2006)
Artist books by Julie Chen. I really like the website design, and her books, too. Neat.

Gabrielle Fox (Added 10/13/2006)
Book binder and maker of miniature books.

Geraldine Newfry, Book Artist (Added 10/28/2005)
Many of her books have polymer clay covers. Here are some of my favorites:
Drive, Cicida House, Secret Door, The Vision, Metallic Compass, Ethereal Buttons, Zen Sunsets, Asian Color Wash, Icons I, Eye Spy.

Handbound Leather Books by Maracia Engeltjes (Added 07/19/2005)
This gal has some awesome handmade books! The link above goes to her book binding process, shown in 29 photographed steps. Click on any step for text about the process. Also, check out this beautiful stained glass door book (only $1100.)

Ingrid Dijkers (Added 04/28/2006)
Book and journal artist. Cool!

Janine Anderson, Artist (Added 10/18/2005)
She has several galleries on her site; this one shows a fascinating copper book cover, and some interesting fruit-shaped books.

Jennifer Brook (Added 05/17/2007)

Karen Hanmer, Book Artist (Added 07/31/2006)

Laura Davidson, USA (Added 11/29/2009)

Marloes' book bindings on Flickr (Added 10/16/2006)
Member of Book-Arts yahoo group, legally blind gal from The Netherlands. Beautiful catepillar bindings!

Mia Leijonstedt / GalleriaMia (Added 04/07/2007)
Beautiful gallery of artist books.

Michelle Ward (Added 01/28/2006)
I think she's very talented, and her site has some gems! Journal spreads, book projects, etc, etc. The "True Colors" section has some nice artwork.

Michelle's corset binding books (Added 02/22/2006)

Peter and Donna Thomas (Added 05/08/2006)
A book making couple. They created an interesting series of Ukulele books, as well as many artistic miniature books.

Shanna Leino (Added 04/21/2007)
Shanna says: "I love the structural challenge of building a book to fit the words." Her site has some beautiful examples of her book art, as well as hand-made book binding tools.

Su Blackwell : Book Sculptures (Added 11/09/2006)
Very interesting 3D book sculptures. Does she use invisible wire of some sort?

Tia O'Connor: Art Books, Journals, and Cards (Added 01/23/2006)
Clean looking website, nice collection of art books, blank journals, and cards. (Romania)

Artists' Websites: Photography

Andrew Davidhazy, Photography Exhibits (Added 08/29/2006)
High Speed and Photoinstrumentation Photography (water drops, bullets, stroboscopic photos, etc)

Erik Heck's latest portrait photography portfolio (Added 06/13/2005)
My cousin Erik's latest photography portfolio. Portraits of women.

Madigan Muse (Added 10/03/2004)
Erik Madigan Heck's new website. See samples of his photography, sound and film work. (Requires Flash)

Thomas Allen Photography, "Uncovered" (Added 09/05/2007)
Thomas Allen combines altered book arts with photography.  He carefully cuts and folds images from pulp paperback covers to create 3D scenes that pop-out against a backdrop of books.  Fascinating photographs!

Wee Planets on Flickr (Added 01/18/2007)
360 degree panarama photos converted to mini-planets using either "polar coordinates" or "stereographic projection" (looks more realistic). Also has tools used and some tutorial links here.

Excellent tutorial for Polar Coordinates method here!

Artists' Websites: Sculpture

DinoMite Days (Added 02/05/2005)
Large-scale dinosaurs, artistically decorated in various themes, much like the smaller-scale cows in gift shops.

HEATHER JANSCH (Added 03/31/2006)
BRONZE AND DRIFTWOOD SCULPTURE. Life-size horses made of driftwood, wow!

Joe Pogan - Found Metal Sculptures (Added 11/09/2006)
Incredible art! Joe recently posted this message to the ByHand group: "Hi, I make animal (mainly birds & fish) sculptures out of found metal objects. If any of you are interested in seeing them, my website is If you do check out my website, be sure to watch the short video I have. Also, if you click on the for sale logo, look for the daily special. Thanks, Joe"

Keith E. Lo Bue (Added 02/28/2006)
An artist who works with unusual materials to create sculptural works of art. His eyewear is very intriguing!

Artists' Websites: Unsorted

'Eve' by john christopher borrero (Added 11/04/2005)
I really like this painting. See a close-up here.

Art Desire, United Kngdom (Added 09/21/2004)
This is an interesting site. A couple of artists in the UK that build large scale artwork for schools and communities. They provide the artistic experience and teach the skills, and involve the community in the ideas and the construction of the art. (Added 07/08/2005)
Links to thousands of art galleries, museums and artists sites from around the world. Browse by subject, medium, movement, nationality and more.

Austin Craft Mania (Added 08/13/2005)
A group of 10 crafty business owner gals in Austin.

Bonny Lhotka (Added 06/25/2005)
Digital art combined with traditional media. The "Process" page gives step-by-step instructions on how she did various pieces of artwork, including the products used. Bonny is one of three artists who authored the book "Digital Art Studio: Techniques for combining inkjet printing with traditional art materials" at

Brazos Artists Network (Added 06/03/2005)
Brazos Artists is a cooperative organization of artists local to Brazos County, Texas. The group meets once a month in Bryan, Texas and seeks to informally promote interactions between artists in all media and collaboratively develop community awareness of and interest in local art.

Brushworks by Tina (Added 07/26/2007)
Faux finishes and murals.

Dorothy Simpson Krause (Added 06/25/2005)
Digital art combined with traditional media. Her site has brief instructions as to the steps she took to make many of the pieces. One of her artwork sections I like is "book art and journals." Dorothy is one of three artists who authored the book "Digital Art Studio: Techniques for combining inkjet printing with traditional art materials" at

Goblin Art (Added 11/13/2004)
Paper mache masks, etc.

green bean baby (Added 03/06/2007)
Very cool cut-paper artist! More links: Flickr Site

InvisiRen Contests (Added 03/28/2005)
This is neat! Artwork where the main character has been removed, leaving their empty clothes. These are contests for Photoshop, etc.

Jacqueline's artexplorer blog (Added 04/28/2006)

Jo Grooms, Fabric Artist and Quilter (Added 11/16/2005)
I particularly like the "Circle Study #5 (aka As Seen on CNN)" quilt, and this alternate version of her "Kashmir" quilt from the Intl Quilt Festival in Houston. (Detail)

Karin Schminke (Added 06/25/2005)
Digital art combined with traditional media. She also has a few examples of how she created various pieces. Karin is one of three artists who authored the book "Digital Art Studio: Techniques for combining inkjet printing with traditional art materials" at

Linda Cameron (aka Lindart) - Art Journal (Added 03/18/2006)
Linda's art journal. I don't know how she finds the time to do so much!

Lisa Kokin (Added 07/14/2006)
Interesting mixed media artist who incorporates buttons into most of her pieces.

Nathan Jenson, Austin Artist (Added 02/19/2007)
I saw these 3D paintings of Austin personalities in a Discount Electronics store in Austin. Very cool!

Paper flower jewelry (Added 11/14/2004)
I stumbled across this brass and paper flower jewelry. I like it! =)

Paper Mojo (Added 09/27/2007)
Tina Wright's blog.  Tina is an altered artist, faux finisher, designer and painter who has been published Somerset, Legacy, Somerset Holidays and Altered Arts magazines.  She's also a great friend and talented artist who has generously shared her time, knowledge and art supplies during various art play-dates...Go Tina! 

Robert Genn, The Painters Keys (Added 04/28/2006)
Publishes a twice weekly newsletter on art-related topics; has an extensive artists directory; has lots of art-related quotes.

Shannon Associates: Artists for Advertising (Added 01/21/2005)
This site is a talent agency for artists, I believe. Among their artists is Brett Helquist, the illistrator for "Lemony Snicket: A Series of Unfortunate Events." There are a lot of talented artists featured here.

Sheba Kitty's Live Journal (Added 07/11/2005)
This is an art journal for Sheba Kitty, a member of the image transfers Yahoo group that I've joined. She is a middle school art teacher, and very prolific. There are a great number of digital art pieces in her archive.

Suzanne Sbarge (Added 04/18/2006)
Fine artist, interesting collage-like art...

Teesha Moore (Added 04/18/2006)
Prolific, inspiring visual journals and artwork. Here is the process she uses in journalling.

Traci Bautista's website, (Added 10/14/2005)
Welcome to treiC Designs, home of Traci Bautista, mixed media artist! I teach creative art workshops in handmade books, artist's journal techniques, mixed media collage and surface design. be inspired.

Vanessa Valencia (Added 01/22/2008)
Inspiring mixed-media artwork.  Vanessa has some lovely art ladies created with torn and crumpled paper skirts on canvas.  Her artwork has been featured in Somerset Studios.

Books: Inspiring Artist Books

'All That Jazz' Altered Book by Anne Atkinson (Added 01/03/2006)
Very neat exploration of a theme. Mouse over the little images to see the fullsize version.

'Flight' by Marianne Little (Victoria) (Added 10/28/2005)
This book is GORGEOUS! A true work of art!

'Woomera: Not So Black and White' by Lindy Yeates (Victoria) (Added 10/28/2005)
I like the landscape affect across the bottom of the pages in her book.

Altered Book Project, Portland Public Library (Added 04/25/2006)
These altered books can be checked out via inter-library loan.

Some very interesting books are shown here, a few with links back to the artist's website.

Fore-Edge Painting by Martin Frost (Added 06/15/2006)
Beautiful examples of fore-edge painting on books which is only visible when book is fanned, and disappears when book is closed. Especially neat if fore-edge is marbled or gilded. Books may be fanned and painted in both directions, too. Site has videos showing how the painting appears and disappears.

Green Pepper Press: (Added 01/27/2006)
This book is COOL! House shaped, bound at left and right sides, opens in middle. Pages of various sizes, shapes and materials to overlap and interact with each other. I want to make one!

Marloes' books (Added 03/24/2006)
Marloes, from The Netherlands Has some neat catapillar bound books.

Moote Points - Cherryl Moote (Added 01/10/2006)
The Galleries page shows all the images from her how-to books. There are several neat structures!

The Art of the Book '98 - Exhibition Thumbnails (Added 10/13/2005)
Examples of Art Books. See also: The Art of the Book '03, and its thumbnail page.

Book Arts Groups and Centers

Designer Bookbinders (Added 05/16/2007)
Designer Bookbinders is one of the foremost societies devoted to the craft of fine bookbinding. Founded over fifty years ago it has, by means of exhibitions and publications, helped to establish the reputation of British bookbinding worldwide. Its membership includes some of the most highly regarded makers in the fields of fine bookbinding, book arts and artistsí books, each with a passion for presenting the bound text as a unique art object.

Flickr: Book Binding Pool (Added 03/24/2006)
Photos of books made by flickr users.

Flickr: Handbound Books Pool (Added 03/24/2006)
Photos of books made by flickr users.

Minnesota Center for Book Arts (Added 10/18/2005)

The Bonefolder (Added 10/17/2005)
An e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist.

The Museum of Printing History, in Houston, TX (Added 01/05/2006)
The Museum of Printing History 1324 West Clay Street Houston, Texas 77019 PHONE: 713-522-4652 FAX: 713-522-5694 HOURS: Tuesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm ADMISSION: $5 ADULTS, $2 CHILDREN, STUDENTS, & SENIORS GROUP TOURS: $4 ADULTS, $2 CHILDREN Has begun a "Book Arts Group," meeting monthly the 1st Thursday at 6:00.

The Seattle Center for Book Arts (Added 10/18/2005)
Their link page, which has links to other book art centers, etc.

Volcano Arts: Book Swaps (Added 09/19/2005)
This site does periodic book swaps, sells book-binding materials, has related articles, etc. Here's the link to see results of previous book swaps.

Yahoo Group: Book-Arts (Added 05/16/2007)

Yahoo Group: Bookbinding (Added 05/16/2007)

Yahoo Group: By Hand Artists (Added 05/16/2007)

Yahoo Group: Handmade Books (Added 05/16/2007)

Yahoo Group: MiniBookArtists2 (Added 05/16/2007)

YouTube : Art Journals group (Added 01/16/2007)

Techniques: Book Arts

Amphian Photography - Bookbinding Tutorials (Added 02/02/2006)
Excellent bookbinding tutorials online, with very clear steps and images of stitching process. Also has some calculators for determining where to place the holes on the spine.

Book Clasps - creating metal clasps for books (Added 08/20/2006)
Joycelyn Merchant shows how to create various styles of metal book clasps.

Bookbinding Dictionary (Added 11/01/2005)
No photos, but alphabetical terms with descriptions, such as binding styles, etc. Helpful source of terms to look-up elsewhere for photos/instructions. Indexed search doesn't work, so use letter links.

Button-hole Binding - Instructions by Yogi (Added 11/04/2006)
This is the binding style Yogi used on her version of the Alphabet Book. Yogi gave very clear instructions! The finished version can be seen here.

Coptic Binding Instructions: (Added 02/22/2006)

Double-Guard Bindings (Added 11/11/2005)
Structure useful of photo albums and scrapbooks. Allows book to open flat. By Betty Storz.

Envelope Book Instructions (Added 03/23/2006)
This is a linked envelope book. Cool idea.

Gold Tooling Instructions (Added 08/06/2006)
Excellent guide. Includes instructions for traditional gold tooling, as well as alternate/easier method with gold foil.

Handbound Leather Books by Maracia Engeltjes (Added 07/19/2005)
This gal has some awesome handmade books! The link above goes to her book binding process, shown in 29 photographed steps. Click on any step for text about the process. Also, check out this beautiful stained glass door book (only $1100.)

How to: Book Clutch (Added 08/14/2005)

Keith Smith Books - binding methods (Added 10/31/2005)
These books would be great to find at a library... I'm particularly interested in: "Volume III Non-Adhesive Binding: Exposed Spine Sewings" (ISBN 0-9637682-4-7)

Long Stitch Tutorial (Added 03/24/2006)
FYI - this is the basic stitch that Jennifer Bantz of later weaved over, to create this cool binding: Woven Spine

Paperbacking Silk tutorial by NewYorKamera (Added 01/16/2007)
This method uses methyl cellulose, and doesn't change the nature and feel of the fabric like traditional methods that use misters and wheat paste. After reading about the method, see the video on YouTube.

Piano-hinge Book (Skewer Book) Instructions (Added 10/12/2005)
Basic method. Alternate method with notches is here.

Repair and Enclosure Treatments Manual, Indiana University Libraries (Added 05/17/2007)
Contains step-by-step tutorials with photographs for several projects such as clamshell boxes, built-up boxes, and various enclosures and repair treatments for books.

Sewing Frame and Punch Cradle by (Added 10/08/2005)
Look at 11/13/02 entry, sewing frame and punch cradle photos. She also keeps a journal that has lots of photos of her book bindings, etc. She does a lot of creative stichery on the book spines.

Tutorial: Single Needle Chain Stitch (Added 02/03/2007)
A lot of great photos with this tutorial!

UTEE metal embossing - book covers (Added 11/05/2005)
Instructions for using Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE) to make embossed metal book covers.

Techniques: Image Transfers

Acrylic / Gel Medium Transfers by Paul Fujita (Added 08/06/2005)
Instructions for Acrylic / Gel Medium Transfers. Has a step-by-step image series, linked from the bottom of the page. Uses tonor (photocopies) and any acrylic medium that lists "Polymer acrylic medium" as an ingredient. (i.e. gesso, acrylic paint, latex paint, gloss gel, etc.)

Image Transfer Techniques (Added 06/13/2005)
Various methods for transfering images.

Image Transfer Techniques (by Tiffini Elektra X) (Added 04/12/2007)
Instructions on several methods of image transfer, including: caulking, gel medium, heat transfer, xylene, acrylic transfer, as well as tips on printing on fabric directly.

Polymer Clay Color Image Transfers (Added 09/23/2005)
Instructions for using t-shirt transfer sheets, ink jet color printer, polymer clay and oven.

Printing on fabric: tips (Added 12/02/2005)
Instructions for how to print directly on fabric. (Backing with freezer paper or adhesive labels, etc.)

Techniques: Paper

Cattail Paper Experiments (Added 11/08/2005)

Easy Paste Paper (Added 10/23/2005)
Quick method that doesn't involve boiling, etc.

Elis Cooke's Tips & Techniques (Added 11/08/2005)
Including instructions for: Collagraph Print Plate, Paper Casting, Bas Relief Mold Making, Mold Making for Paper Casting, Modified Paper Making, Crumpled Grocery bag Collage Background, Deep Space Collage paper, Tissuepaper Print Collage Paper, etc, etc...

Flying Pig Company (Added 11/01/2006)
Paper 3D animated models, including a flying pig, pecking chickens, and tons of others. Cool! Some are paper die-cuts, others are downloadable PDFs. Based in the UK.

Has a great how-to section on mechanisms and motion.

Fusion Paper / Glue Paper (Added 10/10/2005)
Corinne describes how to make Traci Bautista's "Fusion Papers", what Corinne terms "Glue paper".

Gail Stiffe - Hands on Paper (Added 11/28/2005)
The right-hand column of her gallery contains instructions on paper-making techniques, particularly those involving plant fibers.

Origami Paper Fortune Cookies (Added 02/07/2008)
This brief tutorial shows how to make a paper fortune cookie favor.  Clear instructions with photographs of each step. 

Paper Making - Basic Steps (Added 11/07/2005)
Here is a link to another source, with more adult photos.

And another link.

Techniques: Polymer Clay

Mokume Gane: metal working/polymer clay technique (Added 10/28/2005)
Technique for mixing metals or clay colors; carving into layers can create interesting relief carving/colors. Need another "how to" link for this, but nice photos here...

Polymer Clay - 'how to' link! Neat affect. layers of various colored clay are repeatedly stacked, thinned by rolling through a pasta machine, cut in half, stack and repeat. Final steps are impressing a design (deep stamp, etc) and then shaving off the high areas to reveal other colors.

Another technique, that uses topographical features and gold leaf, too

Polymer Clay FAQ (Added 10/30/2005)

Polymer Clay Links (Added 02/05/2005)

Polymer Clay Links: Sunni's Tutorial Links (Added 02/05/2005)
Many more links...

Techniques: Unsorted (Added 08/13/2005)
Craftster is a forum for people who love to make things but who are not inspired by scrapbooking with die-cut teddy bears, cross-stitched home sweet home plaques, wooden boxes with ducks in bonnets painted on...

Crayola Jewelry (Added 01/16/2005)
I like the dragon-fly pin!

DIY Plough by John Ang (Added 01/19/2007)
Instructions for building a plough to cut the edges of pages in a book even. Good photographs of plough and press. (John Ang is member of BookBinding Yahoo Group.)

EBSQ Educational Resources for Artists (Added 04/12/2007)
Tons of technique articles and advice on everything from writing artist statements and pricing your work to projects such as fused glass, image transfers, collage and photography. Great resource.

Get Crafty (Added 08/13/2005)
"Getcrafty, as the hub of the new domesticity, is about combining careers and cooking and crafts and family and going out and staying in and fashion and home decorating and, of course, politics, books and philosophy."

Glue and Paste Recipes (Added 07/02/2006)
Includes recipes for: Basic Flour Paste, Wallpaper / Papier Mache Paste, Basic Waterproof Glue, Waterproof Glass Glue, Gum Arabic Glue/Cement, Extra Hardening Papier Mache Paste, and Liquid Cement. This site also has formulas for lots of other ideas, not just glues. ""

Lisa Vollrath (Added 06/05/2006)
Tons of how-to's and project tutorials on topics such as Altered Books, ATC's, Decos, background techniques, folding, etc. I haven't yet had a chance to explore her site...

Mirkwood Designs (Added 01/07/2007)
Templates for boxes, cards, etc. Some examples include: chinese take-out box, petal cards with interlocking petals, ATC envelope, button box, playing card box, kimono card...

Not Martha: Marble Magnet Tins (Added 08/13/2005)

Our Victorian House (restoration) (Added 04/18/2005)
A great step-by-step on the restoration of a victorian-style house.

Techniques ATC Swap (Added 11/01/2005)
Artist Trading Cards (ATC) with instructions for each technique used. Neat!

Techniques, Various (Oriental Stamp Art site) (Added 02/27/2008)
A very long alphabetical list of techniques to try.  Fun to explore!

This-to-That (Glue help for various materials) (Added 03/21/2006)
Because people have a need to glue things to other things.


Art Unraveled (Added 07/22/2007)

Artfest (Added 08/02/2006)
Several days of art classes and mingling with other artistic souls...very tempting...