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Articles and Tutorials
I hope you find the information in this section to be helpful.  I love hearing from visitors and fellow artists, so please leave a comment and let me know what you think!
Tutorial: Installing PhotoShop Brushes

As mentioned in Somerset Digital Studio magazine, this step-by-step tutorial will walk artists through the process of installing custom Adobe PhotoShop Brushes.

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Tutorial: Wee Planets from 360 panoramas

Do you have a great 360 degree panorama photo from your travels?  Turn this into an amazing Wee Planet with this tutorial.  (Or, send it my way!  I'm always looking for 360 panoramas for my Wee Planet art!)

Finalist in Cloth Paper Scissors 2012 Calendar Contest, 'On the Street Where You Live'!
Based on a 360 degree panorama photograph of a rural Bryan, Texas scene taken in 2007.  This 'Wee Planet' was donated to a silent auction for a dear friend, <a mce_thref=''>Tina Wright</a>, who was diagnosed with stage four cancer.
One of my favorites!
This is based upon a panorama photograph of the Tongariro Volcanoes by Ralph and Susan Bussard.  I have transformed it to a lovely little world with via polar coordinates.


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Advice on Teaching Art Classes
Last year I conducted an informal survey, asking fellow artists about their experiences teaching (and taking) art-related classes. I received dozens of responses, full of valuable advice. The results are compiled here, in the hopes that this information will be of help to other artist-teachers and those just taking the plunge for the first time. Read More...