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Swaps and Collaborative Projects
Including fairies under glass, puzzle pieces, and page-spreads for Round-Robins...
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Each 'inchie' is a one inch by one inch square piece of art.  For this project, I created an outer shell with a cut-out letter K and tab slot, and an inner slide-in piece of art.
Here is a view of the outer shells, without the slide-in art.  The inside back of the pieces are painted a contrasting color to make the K 'pop!'
KISS inchies (one inch square!)  
<br /><br />
Top inchie features a kiss drawing by <a href='' target='_blank'>Patrick Konsor</a>.
Karate inchie samples (one inch square!)
<br /><br />
These samples show how the slide-in art works.
'K9' inchies.
<br /><br />
<b>TIP:</b> One thing I learned when working with folded paper at this size is that thick paper is under a lot of tension to pop back out to its original flat shape.  Thin paper will keep folds easier.  To work with thick paper, it is best to slightly score your fold line with an exacto knife (very little pressure) on the outside of the fold, cutting part-way through the paper. Then, when you fold the paper it is under less tension and it will be easier to keep its new shape.
Kitten in a (kitchen?) sink.
Here are samples of the slide-in 1 inch square art pieces.  
<br /><br />
The image on the lower left is my 'credits' image, printed on the reverse side of each slide-in piece.
<br /><br />
The kitty in the upper-right (standing in a 'k'itchen sink) was my sister's when we were young.
I made this fairy for Tina.  Her wide wings enable her to float freely in the glass, an inch above the base.  
<br /><br />
(Gift for Tina)
I made this fairy for Andreea.  He is the fairy of spare parts, as springs, screws and nails are loose in the jar with him.
<br /><br />
(Gift for Andreea)
Two little fairy siblings, sitting in a bird's nest and broken egg shell.
<br /><br />
(Gift for Nikki)
This young beauty is resting her wings for a time on a lovely flower.  Lace trim and soldering wire swirls finish her home.<br /><br />
(Gift for Tina)
This sweet pea of a fairy brings guaranteed joy to the beholder!  
<br /><br />
(Gift for Nikki)
This little fairy was kind enough to pose for a photo! Isn't she sweet? 
<br /><br />
(Gift for Andreea)
This fairy stopped to smell the flowers, and was swiftly captured!
We had great fun catching fairies in the studio!  Here is the set that we captured one evening during an art play day in Tina's studio.
<br /><br />
This set was created and swapped between Tina, Andreea and I.  Great fun!
Tina, Andreea, and Nikki
These are two puzzle pieces made for a swap with a vintage theme. I used old photos in sepia tones, and experimented with image transfer onto a gessoed surface. The images had small areas that did not transfer, which fit the mood of the pieces perfectly.
I had fun with this one! The background is a scan of some funky fabric, and is printed onto a fiborous paper to keep the texture. It molded around the edges perfectly. And 'Kitty-Wumpus' is a great word!
My favorite pieces! I used an image transfer onto gesso (one map, and one close-up of my tree art), and a piece of copper wire to separate the image and a solid paint color with the word the piece evoked for me.
This is the page spread I completed for Debora's book, with bursts of color in otherwise sepia photographs.  On the left is myself as an adult, while to the right is the barn from my childhood.
<br /><br />
Text:<br />
<i>This is where my heart first learned to fly...</i>
A pop-out page spread about the farm I grew up on in Nebish, Minnesota.
Another page spread about our childhood farm. The girl on the right is my Aunt Val. The left side opens up to reveal an arial photo of the farm.
With the flaps open, an arial photo of my childhood farm, Coffee Creek Ranch, is revealed. It was the largest pig farm in three states!
This page spread features a winter scene from Minnesota.  The theme of Minca's book was 'Peace around the world', so my page was about friendship.  The snowman and kids fold down to reveal text written on the back of the photos.
This is another page spread about the farm I grew up on.
Opened to reveal another photo.
This is a fold-out page spread with a panorama arial view of my childhood farm.  The outer side of the pages uses a mosaic-effect to obscure the image slightly, allowing the eye to focus on the pig-shaped cut-out window.<br /><br />
Nebish, Minnesota<br />
Coffee Creek Ranch
When opened, the full panorama is visible.
I made 29 pages featuring the letter N for this swap. The 'N' is cut-out of both the front and rear side, with images and text printed on the card-stock first. Then, fabric was afixed behind the window on each side.
I created this page for a mini-book circus swap. The car is 3D and holds an accordian book of clowns as playing cards.
This side view shows the 3D aspect of the car.
Here are the front and back sides of the clown book. Depending on how it is folded and placed in the car, one of four clowns will be shown. Photo credits are on the inside of the book.
Reverse side of the page.