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Book Gallery
This is a sampling of books I have created, with various binding styles. Among the books shown are artist books, journals and other creations. Explore!
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This journal features a wrap-around cover with a chain closure.  The cover has a 2 inch square glass window which displays the book's lovely end paper.<br /><br />  
The inspiration for this book is a doorway showing a glimpse of the journey ahead.
A view of the inside of the book showing both inside covers.
Close-up of the clasp mechanism and the overlapping front edges.  An overlap allowance allows the book to expand with the addition of photos, while still closing and completely covering the front edge.
Handmade endband in brown and green.  Spacers to allow for the addition of photos and travel epherma.
A small inset on the inside back-cover opens to reveal details about this book.
Magnet clasps in each directional tab hold both the front and back covers to the book, allowing it to be opened from any direction.
The covers and the individual four mini-books can be taken completely apart.
Here's a view of the book open.
The inspiration for this pint-sized book was my husband's birthday wish: 'Peace and Quiet.'
This book takes on a different appearance depending on how it is opened. This shot also shows the scale of the book.
Opened from the other side.
Both covers.
As the book is unfolded, this quote is revealed. Text is taller on the 'peaks' and shorter on the 'valleys.'
This side contains a poem by Steven Curtis Lance, 'A Little Peace and Quiet.'
This mini-book is made of matboard cut into frames and covered in purple velvet. Beading was added on the spine, and along the front edge joins. It featurees sepia-toned close-up photos (mostly from near my house).
Front cover. The book measures 3.75' W x 3.75' H x 2' deep. The photos are 1.75' square sepia-toned prints.
Pages one and two. These are close-ups of a flower in my front yard.
Pages three and four. Extreme close-ups of the same flower in our yard.
Pages five and six. Close-ups of under-water life.

<i>NOTE: I didn't take this pair of photos.</i>
Pages seven and eight. Photos from a rare ice storm in Texas, taken within a block of my home.
Pages nine and ten. Close-ups of a duck at the lake in town. The water is poisoned there, so the ducks, geese and turtles have the lake to themselves.
Back cover - a puff-ball plant. The beading along the front edges of the book (left in this photo) was added to prevent people from trying to open the book along the join between two-halves of one page.
Close-up of the spine beading detail.
I made this set of quasi-suduko books as gifts for my family. The pages contain suduko puzzles using the letters of their names rather than numbers. Each has a unique binding style.
This was the first book in the series, for my sister Cheri. The covers are a lovely marbled fabric. The binding stitch design is my own creation. Depending on the spine's tension, it appears either as a strong zig-zag, or as softer curvy waves.
On the left, a woven long-stitch book for my sister Crystal. On the right, a grek-binding style for my father.
This book has a coptic binding on the top and bottom of the spine. A caterpillar binding is the focal point of this book for my mother.
This is a close-up of the caterpillar binding. This was my first two-tone caterpillar.
This alphabet book was a collaborative project with 29 artists each contributing one page.  I then created the covers and bound the book using a caterpillar binding.
I learned the caterpillar binding style from Keith Smith's book.  This was my first book bound in this style, and I believe it turned out quite nice.
This all-cream envelope book holds my receipts for 2006. What an improvement over last year's shoebox!
Blue, green and black envelopes alternate in this accordian-spine book with ribbon closure.
This graduation hat opens out to a mini-book-in-a-box.<br /><br />
Dimensions: 2 1/4 inches x 2 1/4 inches x 1 1/4 inch closed.
<br /><br />
<i>Based upon a similar book by Mary Howe</i>
The inside structure is a maze-book created from a single sheet of paper; the letters were then hand-cut from decorative paper affixed to each page.  The base is an origami-folded box, also from a single sheet of paper.<br /><br />
These fabric-covered blank books were my introduction to the world of book binding, several years ago. I broke two drill bits drilling through the covers when the cloth tangled around the bits!
This mini-book is 3/4' square and filled with lovely red mulberry paper; covers are parts from a bracelet and it has a coptic stitch binding.  Ready to be attached to a necklace or bag and filled with love notes, thoughts or photos of your sweeties!
Open; back and front sides. Photos from my childhood farm and current home, blue toned.  House shaped when open; envelope shaped when closed.  Inspired by Laurie Snyder.
Envelope shaped when closed.
I need to borrow someone with great handwriting to write an address / saying on the envelope exterior cover!
Interior pages, accordion fold.
Interior pages, accordion fold.
Mini four-in-one book measuring 1' deep by 3 1/4' round.  Opens to reveal four interlaced books.  Magnetic closure.
Mini four-in-one book measuring 1' deep by 3 1/4' round.  Opens to reveal four interlaced mini-books.  Each book is hand-sewn onto the ribbon closure and feature old family photos of growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota.
A side-view of this mini four-in-one book.  The cover title is a snippet from a map treated with ice resin for durability and shine.
Handmade with acid-free paper and bound with a variation on the Centipede binding over raised supports. Lays flat for easy journaling.  Three books in one!
Detailed view of the variation on the Centipede binding style I incorporated on this book.
Side view showing the spine of the outer two journals and the fore edge of the middle book sandwiched in between.
With the lovely sheet music pages, this mini-booklace is a beautiful one-of-a-kind accessory for a book or music lover!
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Measuring 3/4' square, this charming mini-book has covers upcycled from a bracelet, & is coptic bound with a clasp for attaching to a necklace or bag.
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