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Card Gallery
A selection of cards, many with 3D pop-up effects.
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This piano-shaped card uses the principles of organic architecture and simple cutting and folding to create a pop-up effect.  The card folds flat, and when opened the piano keys pop-up.
This pop-up card was created as a house-warming gift for my sister when she purchased her first house.<br /><br />
Created by careful, precise folding and cutting in an 'organic architecture' style.
Detail view of the pop-up house and stairs.  The house folds down flat when the card is closed.
This is the front of the card, with a happy little tree.
This was a quick and simple card for a baby shower.  A bottle with a message is tucked in to the pocket on the bib.
These were fun to make!  The fortune cookies are made from a circle of decorative paper approximately 3 1/4 inches in diameter, though they could just as easily be made in any size.  Perhaps an over-sized 8 inch favor? Each cookie contained a special message on a slip of paper, and a paper Chinese take-out box helped round-out the presentation.  This was a big hit with my sweetie!
This card has pop-out presents when opened.  It is easy to make and really 'stands out!'
A card for my mother, who needed a pick-me-up as she recovered from an illness.